Holson Forest Products, located on The Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, is one of the largest employers in the area, employing a range of individuals from well seasoned in the forest industry to new trainees. Ted Lewis, a local entrepreneur, also owns a log harvesting operation.

Holson Forest Products is the only integrated band saw mill in Newfoundland. Its goal is to use 100 percent of the fiber in a tree with emphasis on recovery and utilization. The mill is capable of sawing lumber from 6 to 21 feet long, and 10 inches by 10 inches square. It can adapt quickly and efficiently to any market demand making it desirable to clientele.

Along with construction grade lumber, Holson produces a variety of value-added products including boat building materials, bridge building materials, wharfing materials, clap board siding, pulp chips, and a line of value-added hardwood lumber products with aspirations of expanding product lines in the near future.