About Us

Atlantic Wood is an industry association representing value-added wood product manufacturers in Eastern Canada. Our members produce a wide variety of products for regional and international markets. Consumers and international buyers can access products or place inquiries directly to the manufacturers.

Some of the products that can be found in Atlantic Canada include: Stairs; Flooring; Moulding; Windows; Cabinets; Furniture; Decking and many other unique products. Our member businesses are generally on the small to medium size and are capable of providing a more personal service to their customers. Short lead times between order and delivery is one of the common strengths among our member businesses.

Through the work of Atlantic Wood members businesses are given greater access to markets, training, education, and many other benefits that improve their businesses. Atlantic Wood is dedicated to looking for ways to assist business in improving the quality output of their products and services to their customers.

Atlantic Wood is taking a special interest in increasing the amount of "Green" products available from members. More members are being encouraged to become certified to handle and sell "Certified Green" wood products.

Map of Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada consists of the four most easterly provinces in Canada. This region has excellent access to shipping routes by sea and land and therefore access to world markets.

Atlantic Canadians are well known for their “friendly” business manner. Along with world class products, Atlantic Canadians are often noted for their ability to offer perspective buyers “solutions” to business needs and not just products.