What does Atlantic Wood offer?

For Consumers...

  • Direct access to businesses that manufacture and supply a wide range of wood products
  • Access to environmentally sustainable Green Products
  • Companies using wood sourced from certified sustainablely managed forests
  • Companies using environmentally friendly coatings and adhesives

For Wholesale buyers...

  • Direct access to a wide variety of wood product manufactures capable of shipping products world wide
  • Partners to supply solutions
  • Access to certified Green Products


  • Collective marketing to consumers and wholesale buyers
  • Access to information through Monthly Bulletin and educational events
  • A strong voice promoting the Atlantic Canadian Wood Products Sector


We have a convenient Company Capabilities Locater. Simply click on the products category you are looking for and a list of companies with that product will appear.

If you need assistance in finding something please send us an email describing the product you are looking for. Your request will be forwarded to the most appropriate businesses.